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call me

well its the end of the week again, I had a good start but went all down hill from then on

well I met a boy and he makes me like this

and he makes me forget about all of the jerks

I can’t get in contact with him

I haven’t talked to him since tuesday… its now saturday

so now i’m waiting by the phone

and its all making me kind of sad

because I really really can’t stop thinking about him

but I’ve had a clever idea if i don’t hear from him.  see every now and then he passes by my building to see a friend so

every evening I plan on writing “george call me” on my building and maybe he’ll notice it, because I believe it was fate that we met and I believe it was fate that he lost my number and somehow we met again; and I believe it was fate that even though i didn’t have a pen to give him my number we met a third time.

so excuse the desperation but I have to know


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wisdom wednesday: heres to youth

hey y’all so heres another edition of wisdom wednesday


i love you


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music monday: girls

I’ve blogged about the band girls from san francisco before but I wanted to do a spotlight on the for music monday.

I got the opportunity to see them live a while back and they were amazing. Their album titled “album” is one of my favorites right now not to mention its been on rotation at work, its really music to put a smile on your face, get you tapping your feet, and shimming around in your underwear

check out the video for their song lust for life

chek em out

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8 things I love saturday

happy saturday y’all heres 8 things I love this week

1. san francisco

2. this vintage inspired swimsuit from modcloth

3. these goreous rings by vicki ambery-smith

4. clever ways to use chalkboard paint

5. i’m not ashamed to say I watch the hills its very entertaining but I love lauren conrad her girls style is perfecton

6.pretty pretty tea cups from esther coombs

7. stacy’s pita chips

cinnamon ones are my favorite

8. these notebooks are amazing found here

all images not noted from weheartit

with love


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wisdom wednesday: gentle reminders

hey yall its wisdom wednesday

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watching 500 days of summer for the millionth time I’m completely in love with this movie

some of my favorite moments

all images via we heart it

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