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8 things I love saturday

happy saturday y’all heres 8 things I love this week

1. san francisco

2. this vintage inspired swimsuit from modcloth

3. these goreous rings by vicki ambery-smith

4. clever ways to use chalkboard paint

5. i’m not ashamed to say I watch the hills its very entertaining but I love lauren conrad her girls style is perfecton

6.pretty pretty tea cups from esther coombs

7. stacy’s pita chips

cinnamon ones are my favorite

8. these notebooks are amazing found here

all images not noted from weheartit

with love



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Backtracking 8 things I love saturday: Valentines day edition

happy valentines day yall technically its sunday but I’ve been so busy with work I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with posting by the end of the week so heres 8 things I’m loving this week

1. hair accessories from red velvet art that would go perfect with the dress I’m making

2. lovely pancakes

3. This gorgeous red sofa from urban outfitters

4. This antiue keyhol ring from Fred Flare

5. red velvet cupcakes I’m making some to pass out at work via

6. two of my favorite kinds of flowers to receive

I love white roses  but aren’t these fun

7. This beautiful book by rob ryan also from Fred Flare

8. movies about love

hope ya’ll have a beautiful valentines day

ps i love you


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8 things I adore sat

hey yall so its that time again for me to share eight more things that I absolutely adore this week

1. life unexpected, this shows really really good

2. daria, I didn’t have cable growing up so I missed out on all that mtv stuff been watching daria online lately HILARIOUS

3. Elsie’s perfect tutorial for making bows

4.this diy paper airplane vignette from smile and wave

5. bibio, it been on loop at work for the past couple of weeks… favorite song lovers’ carvings

6. The relic Trail Etsy shop and their great vintage suitcases

7. animal crackers

8. pandas!! i’m kind of in love with them right now




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8 things I adore wednesday

So let me tell you I’m quite made at myself because 2010 isn’t going exactly as planned, I’m not going to say I’ve failed on my resolutions because I think if I can turn things around before february I still have a shot. One thing I’m very disappointed at myself over is not making time to blog more frequently and not diy(ing) more. I’ve noticed two of my favorite bloggers have started a blogging schedule for themselves elsie over at a beautiful mess and vivianna at polka dot robot

monday: music mondays

tuesday: on tuesdays I’d like to start featuring other bloggers, artists, diy(ers)  etc

wednesday: Wisdom wednesdays

thursday: diy thursday: personal projects

friday:  how my brain works a peek inside my sketchbook and other things

saturday: 8 things I adore

sunday: off unless I really have something good

Thats it and i’m sticking to it so with here is the last 8 things I adore wednesday

1. Rupert Grint

I loved him from the beginning

And still now that hes all grown up

2. currently craving a  Green Tea Frappuccino from starbucks

3. Paris

4. New Tattoos

I want to get some new tattoos soon this year

5. new living places

I’m apartment hunting again hopefully this is the last time I move for a while.

6.Boys like dallas green and justin vernon who’ve written the soundtrack to my life

7. mint things

8. chili’s black bean burger mmmm

all images from weheartit



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8 things I adore wednesday

Late again…. my apologies for the lack of attention I’ve been giving my blog. I’ve been super busy working, looking for a new apartment, working, and sleeping.

Heres 8 things I adore this week

1. 500 days of summer

Finally bought it and watched it and after going through the same thing I feel so much better about the whole thing

2. Yogurtland

I get a mixture of pomegranate with yogurt chips and cookies n’ creme an yogurt chips


4. This headboard from urban

5. Re falling in love with regina spektor

6. This why I must have sex with you pad

I think these would be so fun to leave behind

7. paper heart

8. all of the above cause I cant think of one more



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8 things I love wednesday

Hey guys it’s Wednesday again and here are eight more things i’m absolutely loving right now

1. small cars

I love my 07 xterra who I’ve deemed “big bad bubba” but lately I’ve been dreaming of trading it in for a prius or a mini cooper

2. block printing via

3. my new sequin shoes I’m practically living in from urban outfitters.

4. two current favorites in music the antlers and manchester orchestra

5. paper snowflakes

I started making a few yesterday to hang around my apartment

6. prep and Landing

Did anyone watch it last night? I thought it was so cute I only wish it was longer ( hint hint disney maybe a full length)

7. These Pinatas from UO

8. I have a crush via

I like a boy at work he’s quite cute, because of this whole heartbroken thing I haven’t had a crush on someone in a long time

so its kindaweird I feel like i’m in high school again



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8 things I love wednesday

I’ts not technically wednesday but I have to work early in the morning and I didn’t

want to forget when I got home.

1. Soft  Trees found here

I’m extremely anxious to start making my own.

2. I’m currently obsessed with treasure maps.

3. This hello kitty toaster is on my Christmas list.

I’ve been wanting one of these forever and what do you know

we just got them in at work, and there’s only two left now.

4. Lights

5. These pieces from I’m your present

6. 50’s inspired  swimsuits

7. Hawaiian Luau BBQ Potato Chips,

just try them there amazing.

8. These really do take the cake


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