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call me

well its the end of the week again, I had a good start but went all down hill from then on

well I met a boy and he makes me like this

and he makes me forget about all of the jerks

I can’t get in contact with him

I haven’t talked to him since tuesday… its now saturday

so now i’m waiting by the phone

and its all making me kind of sad

because I really really can’t stop thinking about him

but I’ve had a clever idea if i don’t hear from him. ┬ásee every now and then he passes by my building to see a friend so

every evening I plan on writing “george call me” on my building and maybe he’ll notice it, because I believe it was fate that we met and I believe it was fate that he lost my number and somehow we met again; and I believe it was fate that even though i didn’t have a pen to give him my number we met a third time.

so excuse the desperation but I have to know



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A hectic ordeal

My day started off perfectly fine yesterday when I got down to my car I noticed that I didn’t have my gps; I contemplated wether I should go get it but decided I know my way to and from work and didn’t need it. Meanwhile something in my head kept saying go get your gps well I’m learning that I should always listen to that voice. Mind you I’ve only been driving in Los Angeles for about 3 weeks maybe and I still can’t tell the 105 from the 405. I got off work and the ramp onto my freeway is closed(not panicked yet) I turn around to go to the other ramp I know leads me home and it’s closed(now i’m panicking cause I’m very low on gas) I know there’s way to get home without getting onto the freeway but since I’ve never done it without my gps I ended up lost and far from knowing where I was. Luckily my blackberry saved the day and after a few failed attempts I found my self on the 105 heading home. I refer to my gps as Tim because thats the name of the voice I chose so lets just say from now on Tim goes where I go. Well thats my hectic ordeal I was pretty close to tears last night and I know what your thinking why not just stop and ask for directions well I have male syndrome when it comes to asking for directions.

Any who I don’t work today and I’m really excited to be home for glee tonight I’ve also been anxiously awaiting the return of one of my favorite characters Emma Pillsbury. I absolutely love her style even though its miles from mine, I think I might do some sketches tonight inspired by miss pillsbury


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