Get fit, Get right 2010

every year its the same for people like me, we make a resolution to get in shape for the new year and end up failing miserably well not this year its only february and its not to late to start working towards my goal.

Currently I’m not sure if i’m going to make this visible to the public or if I want to make this journey public. I just took my infamous “before” shots and I have to say I feel quite ashamed with myself for not taking better care of myself.

I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 126, my highest weight would probably have to be around the 140- 145 range when I was in high school. I stand only at 5’0 and my goal is to weight somewhere around 105-110 making my total goal weight loss about 20 pounds. I tell people this and they think i’m crazy but this is a totally healthy weight for my height infact I’m considered a little overweight for my height.

Next month in march I will be going on a cruise and I’d like to be alteast 7-10 pounds lighter when I go. So starting today/tomorrow i’m starting my thirty day challenge over the span of the next couple of months (i’m hoping by june) I will have reached my full goal.

I’ve set up a new blog where you can follow my journey, but this isn’t just about physical change its about mental change.

Warning things are about to get really personal

In high school I “experimented” with bulimia so to speak and started starving myself I thought it would be a quick way to loose weight. Fortunately all the while I knew that I couldn’t keep doing it to myself and stopped before a real problem developed. Contrary to what many people think I’m not the most confident person and I’m harder on myself than anyone could ever imagine. I’m definitely not my biggest fan so I’ve decided that 2010 is going to be the year that I fall madly in love with myself.

So if you’d like follow my journey here

love brittany


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