music monday : local natives

working at urban outfitters your constantly exposed to new bands and my new favorite we’re playing in the store is local natives and their new album gorilla manor. I’ve been listening to their new song airplanes on loop for like the past three days.

This video at the end isn’t the official video but isn’t quite lovely probably should be

check em out


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diy thursday: sleep mask

I’m prepping to open my etsy store and one of the items I’d like to add to the shop is the hello kitty sleep mask. This is going to be a quick dirty tutorial to make a sleep mask

1. draw out the shape of your sleep mask I traced a sleep mask I already had to get the shape

because of my pattern making background I worked on a fold for easy symmetry, add seam allowance I used 1/4

2. cut two for the front and back I used a satin cotton for the top(white) and a silk charmeuse(pink) for the bottom

3. I’f your going to add anything like buttons to the top now is the time to do so unless your like me I didn’t plan this out so I added everything to the top with hot glue

4. Sew the mask right sides together and leave a opening to turn right sides out, once you turn it right sides out you can hand stitch it closed

note: I added elastic afterwards it will look a lot nicer if you do it during the above step

5. finished product

with love


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can’t help falling in love

I am not addicted to myspace

I am not addicted to facebook

I am not addicted to twitter

My addiction

we heart it

ever sense yesterday I’ve been trying to get on weheartit and every time its the same thing server down try again in a few minutes

I’ve been passing my time watching bon iver videos on youtube and falling even more madly in love with justin vernon.

so here’s my open letter to justin

Dear justin,

I’m quite honestly in love with you please note: i’f you ever end of reading this I’m not crazy so don’t be alarmed that I in no way ever intend to stalk you. I’m just a huge fan according to my itunes I’ve listened to skinny love sixty-one times if fact I’m listening to it right now so I guess thats sixty two. I’ve listened to for emma, forever ago probably about 40 times I once listened to it on repeat about 10 times in one day I’ve never seen you live but I hope to change that as that is number 21 on my 50 things to do in this life list. Your music has become thing that gets me to sleep at night a job that could one only be don’t by dallas green of city and colour. Hopefully one day we will meet and I promise I’m not a creep just a really really big fan.


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wisdom wednesday

be back later

with love


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color me inspired: yellow

I’m currently in love with anything and everything yellow it is a cheerful color after all

my new apartment needs to have a yellow kitchen

all images via weheartit

with love


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music monday:the deadly syndrome

This week for music monday I’d like to feature one one my favorite bands right now LA based the deadly syndrome. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform a couple of months ago when I went to see lykke li and let me tell you the were amazing. Their album the ortolan is definitely one of my favorite albums and a must have. They also have a new album coming out march 23 titled nolens volens.

Here they are performing their song Eucalyptus.

p.s. this video is amazing.

check em out

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Backtracking 8 things I love saturday: Valentines day edition

happy valentines day yall technically its sunday but I’ve been so busy with work I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with posting by the end of the week so heres 8 things I’m loving this week

1. hair accessories from red velvet art that would go perfect with the dress I’m making

2. lovely pancakes

3. This gorgeous red sofa from urban outfitters

4. This antiue keyhol ring from Fred Flare

5. red velvet cupcakes I’m making some to pass out at work via

6. two of my favorite kinds of flowers to receive

I love white roses  but aren’t these fun

7. This beautiful book by rob ryan also from Fred Flare

8. movies about love

hope ya’ll have a beautiful valentines day

ps i love you


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